Boustead Renewables Limited

Investing in renewable energy, infrastructure, nurturing socio-economic development.

Founded in 2017, Boustead Renewables Limited has grown to become one of the few investment boutiques to be able to provide strategic and financial clarity from the confusion of today and tomorrow’s energy market.

The company is formally associated with Boustead & Co and Boustead AgricultureGreen Earth Africa through its shared history and in the future through collaboration.

Boustead Renewables has completed over $6bn transactional value for private and institutional investors in the renewable sector across borders and particularly in solar, wind, hydro, and with the deep carbonization of grids heavily reliant on renewables, innovative long-duration energy storage.

Boustead Renewables is ethical in all its strategic, financial, and investment advice.

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Boustead Renewables is headquartered in London, England, with associated offices in Africa, the Far East, and India through its association with Boustead Agriculture-Green Earth Africa and Boustead Beef that and led by motivated, experienced, and trusted professionals. The team brings together diverse expertise with backgrounds and deep sector knowledge in the Renewables sector, investment banking, fund management, research, institutional investing, and public sector consulting.

Our Strategy

Boustead Renewables is active in consultancy and fundraisings/corporate finance in the renewable energy and related sectors with some co-development experience.

The strategy of Boustead Renewables is to become more of principals/co-developers. 

Boustead Renewables already owns a 27.5% stake in a UK-based W2E project which is pre-RTB (ready to build), carried interest in 110MW battery storage in the UK, and in Spanish rooftop solar business for which funding was completed recently.

Collaborating with Watt-Tariff, which is a UK company in energy switching to become an integrated solar/wind developer with operating assets with access to the wholesale electricity market in the UK.

Boustead Renewables also collaborates with Noble Tree Foundation in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Boustead Renewables exponential growth in revenue since 2017 (2017: £0.05m, 2018: £0.13m, 2019: £1.07m, 2020: £0.80m, and 2021: £5.70m). Revenues to increase with a healthy pipeline of business.

Boustead Renewables Limited

Boustead Renewables’ Three Offers

Boustead Renewables offers three categories or services

Corporate strategy and finance, including investing as principal.

Brand, marketing and policy.

Watt-Tariff – technology-based energy trading.

Corporate Strategy and finance

Corporate Strategy and Finance

Boustead Renewables provides comprehensive corporate strategic and financial advice and support to secure transparent project funding for the full development life-cycle as well as principal investing.

Brand, Marketing and Policy

Brand development including market positioning and proposition (competitive advantage of offers/products).

Building corporate reputation/trust and protection among all key stakeholder groups including financial markets and regulators as well as demystifying the market for consumers, B2B customers, and promoting their active engagement in the sector around ‘New Energy’.

Public policy development so ‘New Energy’ positively impacts the environment, economy, and on people’s lives.

Brand, Marketing and Policy
Watt Tariff UK
Watt Tariff


As more people are forced to chose to starve or shiver, so – metaphorically – do SMEs in this energy crisis.

Watt-Tariff uses smart algorithms and its innovative partnerships with industry leaders including EDF, Siemens and Centrica to find the best energy deals for SMEs.

Watt-Tariff is an automated, online commercial energy-switching, supplier risk management, direct renewable energy sales, and grid services trading platform for UK businesses which can be deployed in any country with an energy market.

It is already operating as a manual brokerage for high value clients and have revenues from manual brokerage of energy and metering services, which also serve as proof of concept for revenues.

Driven by machine learning and AI, Watt Tariff automates the complex service that engineers, and brokers currently provide manually, manages supplier risk, maximises supplier margins and lowers carbon intensity on the grid and draws revenues from a market worth over £5.1 billion per annum and growing.

It also provides a unique route to market for renewable energy projects to sell their power direct to business, vastly increasing margins for PPA’s, providing a new route to market to support low carbon energy.

As an approved EDF, Centrica, and Siemens Business Partner, it can already provide independent meter reading and settlement services, bill validation, revenue recovery, and high-value test data to provide insight into network use. It plans to become the Uber of energy – leveraging existing infrastructure to generate revenues from grid services taking a share of a growing £2.65 billion market.

Products & Services

Acting Principal

Primarily involving sourcing and introducing appropriate renewable energy projects for acquisition to investor clients. The role would extend to overseeing and leading the transaction process through to financial completion. Remuneration would be based on a blended fee structure through retainers and SPV shareholdings.

Consulting Services

Due to the extensive track record of the Directors and its associates, Boustead Renewables will continue to provide the full range of corporate consultancy services to clients. Boustead Renewables offers fundraising advice and consultancy through its many close relationships with the world’s leading private equity firms, banks, hedge funds, venture capital firms and development finance institutions.

Project Development

Boustead Renewables has formed a 100% subsidiary to undertake its project development and investment activities, namely Boustead Capital Limited. The rationale to form Boustead Capital in this way is gain economies of scale, cost efficiencies, more control of the SPV, financial strength and create an investment history for the benefit of Boustead Renewables, Boustead Capital, and the investors.