South Africa has well-established electronics and manufacturing sectors that are over 40 years old. This has led to a number of experienced enterprises operating from here, with South African firms offering a complete electronics value chain. This includes design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

Today, South Africa is home to the largest consumer electronics market in Africa, with an annual spend of US$10.5bn. At the center of this growth is Cape Town’s strong skills base, which enables it to be a flexible, responsive, and innovative hub for the country’s ever-shifting technology frontiers. The city has become the ideal location from which to take advantage of growing national and African consumer markets.

Cape Town’s Most Popular Electronics Sub-Sectors

Cape Town has developed an established, diversified manufacturing base that has shown its resilience and potential to compete in the global electronics economy. Popular sub-sectors include:

The electronics sector is an essential contributor to foreign exchange earnings through both exports and FDI. In 2018, the industry contributed R762 million in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the Cape Town economy. In fact, companies like Hisense and Panasonic are just two companies of the 19 FDI projects already invested in the city.

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