Sustainable Development

Boustead Renewables’ project development activities will optimise contributions to UNICEF sustainable development goals. Post-COVID 19
Boustead Renewables’ aim is to collaborate in order to reach UNICEF’s sustainable development goals and Boustead Renewables’ contribution is shown below:

ClientTechnologyEnvironmental & Social ImpactUNICEF SDG
Client AlphaWaste to Energy (WTE)Pioneering technology that will convert conventional residential and clinical waste into clean electricity generation and low carbon aviation fuel.Unicef SDG
Client BetaPV and CPV SolarLandlord is Native American. Manufacturing facilities will provide local labour and training opportunitiesUnicef SDG
Client DeltaWaste to Energy (WTE)Agile Technology that will convert conventional waste into clean electricity generationUnicef SDG

Look up to the future

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